Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trip to Arizona Museum for Youth

My day at the museum was cool! There was Auntie Logi, Dominik, me and my Mom. Auntie Logi's friend was there too, her name was Yin, or Lin, and her daughter, Katie. Katie is sooo cute, smart, and nice.

So the museum was cool, but there was no games! But other than that it was nice. My favorite thing about the museum was a monster house and cloud with one eye, and the monster had arms and legs, but the monster house was sleeping. The people who worked at the museum cut the monster house in half, and there was trees in the house. A monster inside a monster house.

Monster House

Dominik and Kailey

Do you think the museum is cool?

Then after that me, Mom, Dominik and Auntie Logie went to a restaurant called Grandma's Kitchen.

Dominik, Auntie Logie and me.

Then after we ate we went to a furniture store, and me and Dominic got a free, hugh lollipop. I got green apple (flowers), and he got orange cream. Then we went to a store called Domestic Bliss. I bought a vanilla and chocolate lip gloss. It was an ice cream shaped key chain. At the store there was also glitter in a salt and pepper shaker. It was totally awesome! Then we went to another store called Lissa Blossom and I saw a beautiful nickles and bracelets. They were so pretty. Then we went home.

The End.

Written by: Kailey Amora Mills
Photography by: Mommy