Friday, July 17, 2009

Church Day Sunday

Kailey's journal.

I was eating my breakfast in the morning with toast, eggs, and sausages too. Then after the yummy breakfast I just lay back and watched TV again. A couple of hours later it was time to get ready for church. I wore my blue skirt, and a jean skirt. I also wear my flip flop with my clothes.

Mom drove us to church as always. We're finally at
St Anne Roman Catholic Parish - (photo of me was taken at different time.)
I and Mom got out of the car and it was hot outside so tried to get inside the church as fast as we could. We were inside for one hour.

After the mass ended I saw my god-brother, Christopher, my auntie Kim, Uncle Joe and Uncle Jo (to pronounce, say "Jo" really fast). We all decided to eat at a Chinese restaurant. I and Christopher farted at the restaurant and it was stinky. Now, that was weird! We sat at our table next to Christopher and my Mom, too. I ate soup and rice.

We got out of the restaurant then we head to Christopher's house to swim. My auntie Leah was there with my cousins, Ashley and Graceann (my auntie Lea's teenage daughters).

Auntie Lea, Ashley and Grace have snow cones! I went to get some ice so that I can make myself a snow cone. There was watermelon and grape flavored syrups. Then after I finished my snow cone, me, Chris and Ashley went swimming.
After one hour of swimming we were done swimming.  We've rinsed up, dried and put our clothes on.  After that we all went home. 

The end.