Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Optical Spectacle

Kailey's journal.
July 18, 2009

My mom drove me this morning to have my eyes check with Doctor Josh S. Rajasansi ( We were driving in the car I was looking at the window I feel asleep slowly. Then after a while I woke up as I was looking out the car window again, I saw the place, the same place my Daddy’s eyes doctor.

My Mom parked the car and I got out of the car. Mom was fixing her hair and make-up. We finally got inside the place and went to the register and talked to a lady about my appointment. My Mom had to fill out a form; it was a long form (about 20 minutes long). Then we had to wait.

One employee called my name and took me to a room just to check up my eyes two times. Then she put me and my Mom in another room. I had to wait for my real eye doctor. My eye doctor checked my eyes and when he was done he said, “You need a reading glass.”


shail2chouhan said...

Oh! You look so preety in those spectacle, it matches your charming face.

Daddy said...

Hi Baby Girl,

I really like your new glasses!! You look so smart in them. I think you look kind of like Auntie Beverly when she is wearing hers.

Blink Blink,